Change Management

Change Management Essentials: Short Course by German Management and Consulting Academy

Change is a constant in the dynamic business landscape. To equip professionals with the skills needed to navigate and lead change effectively, the German Management and Consulting Academy presents the “Change Management Essentials” course. This short yet impactful program is designed for individuals seeking to enhance their change management proficiency and drive successful organizational transformations.

 Understand the fundamental principles of change management.

  •         Develop skills to lead and facilitate change initiatives.
  •         Explore effective communication strategies during periods of change.
  •         Analyze resistance to change and implement strategies for mitigation.
  •         Learn to create and execute a change management plan.


Session 1: Introduction to Change Management 

  •         Overview of Change Management
  •         Importance of Change in Organizations
  •         Key Principles and Models

Session 2: The Change Leader’s Role 

  •         Characteristics of Effective Change Leaders
  •         Leading by Example
  •         Establishing a Compelling Vision for Change

Session 3: Communication Strategies for Change 

  •         Importance of Effective Communication
  •         Crafting and Delivering Messages
  •         Handling Resistance Through Communication

Session 4: Managing Resistance to Change 

  •         Understanding Resistance
  •         Strategies to Address and Overcome Resistance
  •         Building a Culture of Change

Session 5: Creating a Change Management Plan

  •         Components of a Change Management Plan
  •         Implementation Strategies
  •         Monitoring and Adapting the Plan
Change Management
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Change Management
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