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German Management and Consulting Academy

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German Management Academy offers bespoke skills courses for school leavers, graduates and those already in work.

German Management and Consulting Academy was built upon basic management theories from Goethe University in Frankfurt -Germany. We enable the correlation between academic grades and performance at work.

This preoccupation with academic excellence shows that the majority of people end their education without a real appreciation of their workplace potential. Also, prospective employers often do not get exposure to the very people who could bring most to the successful businesses.

German Management and Consulting Academy offers skills-based courses, with lecturers and trainers from specific fields delivering the content, either in an engaging class-based environment or online.

Our internationally recognised education and training courses help to develop successful Management professionals and improve the performance of the organisations they work for. They are built on our experience of employee development around the world to build employees and students capabilities and develop the competences.

We provide high-impact courses with extremely high satisfaction and exam pass rates. In addition to our range of public courses we also develop and run in-company programmes designed to specific requirements. Our courses and learning support options are tailored to provide employees and students with the tools and expertise which are needed to improve decision making and deliver organisational objectives.

Our vision is to inspire innovative directions into employment, to identify, train and help develop an inspired generation of young adults ready for career.


Founder :

Dr. Nurgül Aslan


Sara Bormann


Two Ladies with passion for Business, Education and Success

Welcome to the German MC Academy, where a passion for digital management meets cutting-edge education. Founded by Dr. Nurgül Aslan and her partner Sara Bormann, both with extensive teaching experience in Germany and the USA at high schools, colleges, and universities, our academy is committed to providing top-tier learning experiences in the realms of management and digital skills.

About the Founders: Dr. Nurgül Aslan and Sara Bormann bring a wealth of expertise to the German MC Academy. Dr. Nurgül Aslan holds a doctorate in digitalization and analytics, while Sara Bormann brings invaluable teaching experience. Together, they established the academy to create an immersive learning environment, driven by the belief that innovative tools and platforms are essential for developing critical thinking and digital skills in 2020.

Motivation Behind German MC Academy: The motivation is to lead the way in digital management education, utilizing principles of analytics and digitalization. Join us on this exciting journey where digital management and education converge, empowering learners for success in the digital age.

Explore the limitless possibilities at German MC Academy, where digital management meets education.
Best regards,

Dr. Nurgül Aslan & Sara Bormann Founders, German MC Academy



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